A BIG thank you to our 2019 festival sponsors from everyone at THE BIG MALARKEY FESTIVAL


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McCAIN-LOGOMcCain Foods is proud to be celebrating 50 years in Great Britain. Making a range of delicious potato and appetiser products, the company has five manufacturing facilities across Great Britain, including Hull. McCain is committed to supporting initiatives that educate and inspire the next generation, and is delighted to be supporting The Big Malarkey Festival.


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KCOM has been at the heart of Hull and East Yorkshire for more than a hundred years. Our story started back in 1904 when a quirk of history gave Hull its own phone company.

We love being local. That’s why, as well as rolling out Lightstream full fibre broadband and delivering cutting edge IT services to businesses across Hull and East Yorkshire, we’re committed to supporting local culture.

We were a principal partner of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 and are delighted to be a part of The Big Malarkey Festival and all its amazing literary events in 2018.


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Hull’s historic relationship with water is a unique one. The city developed around water as a trading port, establishing our position as Yorkshire’s only maritime city.  However, in 2007 and 2013 the city experienced a substantial amount of flooding across the city.  As a result of this, Yorkshire Water, Environment Agency and the 2 local authorities developed Living with Water, and their work has been absolutely instrumental in engaging Hull and East Riding to become more resilient.

Preparation is critical for our city, and the team working across the partnership have brought together a wealth of expertise to the forefront of climate change discussions that will not only help to shape our plans for future developments, but also impact the city’s position in terms of a becoming a resilient economic driver for the region. Visit the website for more information and to get involved with their many ongoing projects.


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The campaign to bring the Viola trawler back to Hull is all about the city’s history and tradition, brought to life by the stories of the ship’s years at sea catching fish, hunting whales and elephant seals, supporting expeditions in the South Atlantic and defending the UK in the Great War.

The trustees of the campaign are delighted to have the opportunity to share those stories with the younger generation with the help of The Big Malarkey Festival.

We hope the children of our city are captivated by tales of Hull fishermen sailing to the most distant areas of the North Sea and working in perilous conditions for weeks on end, and then taking up their positions on the front line of the maritime conflict, steaming thousands of miles on patrol across seas infested with mines and U-boats.

We hope, too, that they in turn inspire their friends and families to spread the word about the remarkable ship and the men who sailed on her, and to support our efforts to return and restore the Viola as a symbol of the courage and fortitude of the thousands of sons of Hull who went to sea.


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